Dean Village

Dean Village is a small village located near the west end of Edinburgh. This was taken from the Water of Leith Walkway in Dean Village. I felt like I was back in a time before the modern age while taking this photo. I found this spot by just Googling photography spots in Edinburgh. You can see so much and change your perspective in your life if you just try to “Life through The Lens”.



“Take a photo and change your world”


Zaanse Schans Windmills

Watermarked(2017-03-10-1706)Zaanse Schans is composed of working windmills, small shops (including the original Albert Heijn the largest of the Dutch supermarkets), restaurants , and residences.  It is located in a town called Zaandam which is just north of Amsterdam.  You can access Zaanse Schans by car, bus, train, or bike.  There are many tours that leave Amsterdam and have stops at Zaanse Schans.  It’s about a 12 minute train ride from Amsterdam’s Central Station (which is what I took to get there).

This is a great place to really get into photography and explore the different settings of this area and find what shots speak to you through your camera.  What is the lens presenting to you that you may not see with your naked eye?  What do you want your audience to see? feel?

When I first arrived to Zane Schans it was what I call a “typical” Holland day weather wise it was overcast, cold, and raining.  I did not let the weather stop me from exploring this quaint little town.  As I progressed throughout the day it got warmer and sunnier.  I took many shots that day but this is the one that spoke to me the most.  I feel it captures the what people think of when they come to Holland.  They want to see the windmills and the era of days gone by.  The photo also speaks to me personally about my photographic journey which I only started on over a year and half ago as my skills have improved and that is something that I can be proud of.

Part of my reason for doing this blog is not only to share with you my travels but my journey in photography and hope that it will inspire you to become a better photographer whether it just a hobby or you’re a professional looking for inspiration.

Take the time to explore the world around you on your travels.  You may never get the chance again to be a certain place in time.  Take photos no matter how good or bad you think you may be at it and never stop learning.

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–Take a photo and change your world!


Amsterdam.  A city of exploration and waiting for you to discover it.  Whatever you might be looking for from art to sex, you name it and you’ll find it in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s  Canals (like the picture above)  offer a look at what life is like in modern Amsterdam with its mix of new and old construction and lets you imagine what it was like back in another era.  They also  offer a different view of Amsterdam off the beaten path and away from most tourist eyes.  You could spend days walking along the canals and never see the same view.  

For a photographer this is great because it gives you a different perspectives and scenes to shoot.  You may capture something that you didn’t see when you took the picture or you were looking at the shot with your eyes before the taking the shot.
The picture above I took when I was out with a friend shooting on a cold Amsterdam day.  She took her picture of the purple and green building on the left side of the picture.  While I admit that the building is very colorful and I wanted to capture that for this photo but the canalscape itself told a different story once the photo was taken and you see the results in the picture.  What I see it what life looks like on the canal with cars and boats and imagine the people inside going about their daily lives.  You may view the picture a different way and that’s great!  That is what photography is all about. Looking a life through the lens and changing you world through views and perspectives.

I encourage if you ever get the chance to travel to Amsterdam and you have the time take a day to go out and explore the canals  with your camera.  You may be surprised at what you find!

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Take a photo and change your world!

New Look, New Feel!

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Thanks for visiting the all new Life Through the Lens Blog by SDPhotography.  With the start of the new year already under way I felt it was time to expand my blogging and move it from Tumblr to this new site.  I have been on so many adventures with my camera in 2016 that I hope to share with you in the coming weeks and months along with  my new adventures that have already started in 2017.  I will leave you with some of these pictures that for some inspiration and hope that they will inspire you to “Take a picture and change your world”.



Bank Of America Building (retro)de-gooyer-windmilllourvelighthouse-with-a-view-2